Snott is an anthropomorphic green blob of a mucus-like substance and was best described as a "smiling booger" by a bewildered human police officer in the animated series. He lives in the backpack of Jim's super suit and is his trusted friend and ally. He is voiced by John Kassir.


Who knows where Snott came from? All we know is that he's lived in the backpack of Earthworm Jim's supersuit for a long time. A little green blob with eyes and a tongue, Snott isn't a sidekick so much as he's a family pet and he shares a stronger relationship with Peter Puppy than he does with Jim. Snott doesn't speak English, but rather makes a noise similar to a man in rubber boots stepping in cottage cheese. Both Jim and Peter seem to understand him, and, according to their translations, Snott is actually very well-spoken.



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