8. Snowdrop's New School Poster
Snowdrop's New School
is the eighth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Yuna takes Snowdrop to Wallace and Gromit's Middle School.

Snowdrop's First Day

One day at Canterlot, Yuna have an idea, She decided that she would take Snowdrop to her School and meet Wallace and Gromit.

Yuna's story of Wallace and Gromit

Yuna tells Snowdrop her story about her first day at Wallace and Gromit's Middle School and how she met them.

Meeting Wallace and Gromit/Test Time

At Wallace and Gromit's Middle School, Yuna introduce Wallace and Gromit to her sister, Snowdrop, She also introduce her to Principal Dean Hardscrabble and Vice Principal Jane Kangaroo.


It was lunchtime, She gets to sit with Yuna, Lilly Sparkle Rose, Twila and Skyla.

In the library

At the library, Yuna and her friends went to read books, Snowdrop can't read bacuse she was blind, So Yuna will read to her while she listens.

Back to Canterlot

Later, Hiro, Princess Luna and Dusty Crophopper picked up Yuna and Snowdrop. That Night, Yuna kiss Luna's shoe and she kissed her goodnight and Yuna and Snowdrop went to sleep as Snowdrops give thanks to Yuna for a great day at Wallace and Gromit's Middle School.


  • This episode is when Snowdrop meets Wallace and Gromit.

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