Here's how Snowdrop receive her letter in The Snowdrop Movie.

[We see Snowdrop lying in bed softly snoring. When Primrose appears]

Primrose: Wake up, my filly.

Snowdrop: [wakes up] Mother?

Primrose: Yes.

Snowdorp: Good morning.

Primrose: You 2. [nuzzles her]

Snowdrop: [giggles] [then something hits the back of her head] Ow! [uses her force vision] What's this?

[it was an envelope!]

Snowdrop: An evelope?

[Eaglesight then his claws to open it for her]

Snowdrop: What does it say, Mother?

Primrose: [reading] It's letter from our other relatives!

Snowdrop: [gasps] What's it say?!

Primrose: "Dear Snowdrop, this is your friends, we hope you sleep well, eat better, stay warm, keep high hopes, love, your family".

Snowdrop: [jumping up and down] I got a letter from our relatives!


Snowdrop: I GOT A LETTER FROM MY RELATIVES!! [laughs crazy]

[she then race through the town calling out about her letter and soon many of the others start to wake up and hear her]

Skyla: [gasps] It worked!

Astrid: [groaning] What's gotten Snowy so excited now? Come on, Stormfly.

[she and Stormfly, soon followed by the others head for her]

Yuna: Snowdrop, what's got you so excited?

Snowdrop: I got a letter from my relatives, duh!

Yuna: What?!

Hiccup: No way!

Snowdrop: Yes! You know they could be coming tonight!

[Sound of glass breaking. Skyla's pupils shrink to dots]

Skyla: T-t-t-t-t-t-tonight?!

Armor Bride: Uh, tonight?

Sweetie Heart: Huh?

Britney Sweet: Wha?

Scander: Uh oh.

[Later Snowdrop and the dragons are setting up preperations]

Skyla: [comes up] Snowdrop, what are you doing?

Snowdorp: Making preperations!

Skyla: Oh, okay.

Snowdrop: Yeah! [hugs her]

Skyla: [heart sank] Uh, Snowdrop, about that...

Snowdrop: Not now. I've got to get finished!

[No matter how hard the foals tried, they didn't had to heart to tell Snowdrop the truth]

Button Mash: This is bad.

Sweetie Belle: Very bad!

Scander: [sarcastically] So, do you have any more bright ideas, Sky?

Skyla: I got it!

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