Here's how Snowdrop's party and Skyla's present goes in The Snowdrop Movie

[we return to Berk and in the Main Messhall we see everyone having Snowdrop a real party]

Astrid: Snowdrop? I wanted to apologize about before. I guess through the stress on Winter being on it's way, I forgot how sensitive you were. And I shouldn't of yelled at you like that. I'm sorry.

Snowdrop: That's alright, Astrid.

Astrid: So are we good?

Snowdrop: Yeah. Hug?

Astrid: Okay, one quick one.

[they share a quick hug and then part]

Snowdrop: Skyla.

Skyla: Yeah?

Snowdrop: I want you to have something. [shows the heart capsule]

Skyla; Your heart capsule?

Snowdrop: I want you to have it, Skyla.

Skyla: Oh, thank you.

Snowdrop: Yeah, but we just need the photo to put in it.

Primrose: I'll do that.

[they set up a camera and they all gather into a group photo]

Primrose: Alright, here we go!

[she snapshots a photo and the heart capsule closes]

{"Your Heart Will Lead you Home" starts playing]

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