Here's how Snowdrop meets Arlo in Snowdrop's Dino Movie.

[we now see Snowdrop and her dragons in the dark side of the woods]

Snowdrop: [hearing dinosaur sounds from the distance]

Frostlord: [growls]

Snowdrop: Okay, keep your eyes open you 2.

Eaglesight: [growls]

[they continue in the woods then Frostlord sees something]

Frostlord: [growls]

Snowdrop: What is it?

[Frostload leads on as Eaglesight guides Snowdrop to a shed]

Eaglesight: [growls somethingin Snowdrop's ear]

Snowdrop: An old building?

Eaglesight: [growls in agreement and Snowdrop heads inside]

Snowrdrop: Hello?

???: Hey.

Snowdrop: [gasp] Who said that?

[It shows a head]

Head: Me!

[Snowdrop starts screaming and crawls out of fear]

Frostlord: [jumps in front of her and growls]

Dinosaur: Scared you?

Snowdrop: Who's there?

[It shows an Apatosaurus as he comes out]

Apatosaurus: Hello there.

Snowdrop: Hello, who are you?

Apatosaururs: I'm Arlo!

Snowdrop: I'm Snowdrop. And this is my Iceflyer: Frostlord, and my Terrible Terror: Eaglesight.

Arlo: Hi.

Snowdrop: Hello there. Are you an apatosaurus?

Arlo: Uh-huh!

Snowdrop: [gasp] (to herself) I found an Apatosaurus! I knew I could do it! [throws her rope around him]

Arlo: What are you doing?

Snowdrop: I've captured you!

Arlo: Oooh a game! [starts running by dragging Snowdrop]

Snowdrop: WHOA!!!!!

[Eaglesight and Frostlord then chase after them]

[With our heroes]

[we now see Brian and Peter searching in a feild]

Peter: You afraid?

Brian: No.

Peter: But..

Brian: Shhh!

Peter: [yelps and follows behind Brian] There's nothing wrong of being afraid, I mean look it's just a dinosaur that grinds bones. And that can destroy cities, and there's nothing wrong with being a coward when afraid. But I sure am not a coward! [bumps into some skeletons and then yelps when a head falls off one]

Brian: Peter! 2 words! Okay? "Shut up". Now go over there to the trees while I stay in the field.

Peter: The Trees? What am I suppose to do there?

Brian: Apatosaururs eat leaves off of tall trees. Go check them out.  While I look at these dinosaurs.

Peter: Okay, cool. [he heads over to the trees and begins searching] I'll find it. That's right!

["The Attack" starts playing. And we hear Snarling and 2 droplets of drool fall down]

Peter: Huh? [he slowly looks up and then sees rows of sharp teeth]

[The music stops as it goes Back to Brian he sees a massive herd of Dinosaurs habitant by Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Ornithomimus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, and Triceratops]

Brian: Well, at least we found the herbivorse. But where is the....

["The Attack" resumes playing as Peter runs out]


[The dinosaurs look up and see Peter screaming]

Brian: Peter, would you... [sees something in the tress] shut up?

Peter: BRIAN!!! RUN!!!!

[Out come a Tyrannosaurus Rex!]

Tyrannosaurus Rex: ROAR!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!

Brian: Oh, lord! [runs down the hill with Peter behind]

Tyrannosaurus Rex: [sees the other dinosaurs] ROAR!!!!!!

[The herd starts running with Brian and Peter in it]

[the T-Rex then overtakes them and begins chasing a Triceratops and then it knocks it over and kills it.]

[In the forest, everyone has herd the noise]

Rainbow: Looks like a stampede going on down there!

Sylveon; Oh no, Brian!!

Peter: Lois!

Brian: Sylveon!

[the see them racing towards them]

Peter: Lois, where are you?!

Brian; Sylveon?! Slyveon!

[Thye come to their wives]

Sylveon: Brian, are you alright?!

Lois: Peter, what were 2 doing in the middle of a stampede?!

Brian: Oh, Lois it's simple. There was a T-Rex down there!

Vinny: Well, did you find an apatosaurus?

Brian: No.

Hiccup: Alright, let's try somewhere else, but we'll have to be careful since the T-Rex is out there.

Astrid: Let's go!

[they race away]

T-Rex: [downbelow] ROAR!!!!

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