This is where Lockdown, Starsmoke, & Cemetery Wind kill Socket in Wrath of the Century.

[We see Lockdown's head comes out of a swamp, and helicopters fly by]

[Vans drive by]

Soldier 1: Spread out! Push right!

Soldier 2: roll, roll, roll, roll. Give me two. Give me two.

Savoy: Take the beach, nice and easy.

[The soldiers get on the boat]

Soldier 3: All right, hold what you got.

Savoy: Release the mini-drones.

[They release the drones]

Pilot: Vipers. Eagle in sight. Cleared hot.

Savoy: Got a heat sig. Second stack. Closest to the bow.

Gunner: Predator 0-1. Captured target area.

Savoy: Set charges.

[Some soilders head to the bow]

[Th soldier and the drones countinue there way]

Gunfighter: Breached site on rooftop. Breaches site on rooftop.

Soldier: Have echo platoon to standby.

Gunfighter: Let the helo know where moving external!

[Lockdown sees the soldier in night vision, then one soldier put a mine on the bow]

Savoy: Cracking steel!

[Then the bow blows up!]

Socket: NO!!!

[a helicopter fires at Socket]

Socket: [transforms]

Savoy: He's on the run, move!

[ a van chases Socket and a man fires a mini gun at him as rockets are fired at him]

Socket: [transforms, his leg is shot off] No! Please. Hold your fire! [falls to the ground] Hold fire! I'm co-medical officer, Socket! I'm a friend! I'm a Trainbot, dammit!

Savoy: Well, why ya runnning?

Socket: OpThomas sent me a message. All Trainbots are being hunted. We're all in danger!

Savoy: I lost my sister in chicago. 

Lockdown: [shoots Socket]

[the soldiers all fire]

Socket: [returns fire] What is the matter with you morons?! [is overpowered as Lockdown approaches him]

Lockdown: He's mine now.

Socket: Lockdown.

Lockdown: Trainbots, like children, always fighting. I've got to clean it up, where is OpThomas?

Socket: I shall never tell you.

Lockdown: [tears out his spark] Never is here.

[then Starsmoke arrives]

Starsmoke: What's the matter, Socket? Died?! [laughs]

Lockdown: Starsmoke.

Starsmoke: I shall be taking tat.

Lockdown: [gives him Socket's spark]

Starsmoke: Good work, I shall expect more from you. [transforms into his train mode and drives off]

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