Sodor PJ Masks Team is a new episode to be made by Transformersprimefan and RedSilver56.


Some of the Steam engines decide to become their own PJ Masks Team. But there's no one to save.


The film kicks off with Deadpool singing his theme song and telling the audience how this is his least favorite episode. Transformersprimefan says she likes but Deadpool tells her to shut up and that he hates her. She tries to shoot him, but RedSilver56 reminds her that he can't die. Deadpool then tells the audience about everything that happened in the previous episode.

Cut to the current episode, Thomas, James and Percy are hanging out. They decide to become PJ Masks. Diesel overhears this and tells them he'll be one of the Nighttime Villains. They become confused, but Diesel tells them there can't be heroes, if there aren't villains to oppose them. Deadpool pops up out of nowhere and agrees. RedSilver56 tells him he only pops up during commercial breaks. Later, Thomas, James and Percy make their costumes, while Diesel returns with his Firefly costume. Deadpool says he likes it, and again, RedSilver56 tells him to wait for commercial breaks. He tell her that he is just helping the plot move along. Diesel rolls his eyes, while Diesel 10 uses Pinchy to pour ash on Deadpool. James tells them that he's gonna be Owlette. Thomas says he's going to be Catboy, Percy says he's going to be Gekko and Diesel tells them he'll be Firefly. They ask James who he's going to be and James tells them, Owlette. D10 becomes confused, as he thought Owlette was a villain. James explains that Owlette is a hero of the PJ Masks show who fights alongside Gekko and Catboy. Then D10 leaves to go find out who are the Nighttime Villains. Thomas says Diesel 10 really should start watching the show, but Scarlet Witch disagrees. James asks her why, but Quicksilver says she's jealous there are no girls on the show. Thomas says there is: Luna Girl and Owlette. Scarlet Witch tells them to ignore her brother, and then reveals she isn't exactly a huge fan of the show. Thomas then says they should get on with their game. Scarlet Witch reminds them that she doesn't play games anymore. She stopped when she turned fourteen. Thomas tells her he was talking about himself, Percy, James and Diesel.

Diesel 10 is, meanwhile, watching all the funny times Nighlock defeated villains, including Juggernaut, which are the funniest. Then he



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