The way the Sofia & her family sing to Hiro scene goes in Sofia the First meets Big Hero 6.

[after seeing Tadashi on Baymax's screen, Sofia notices Hiro is sad]

Sofia: Hiro?

[Hiro looks up sadly]

Sofia: Is something wrong?

Hiro: [sighs] I don't want to talk about it.

Amber: What's wrong, Hiro?

King Roland: You can tell us anything.

Hiro: [sad & angry] Look, I don't wanna talk about it! Just leave me alone!

[Sofia sighs, then she and her family turn to Hiro]

[HEY, What's Going On]

Sofia: Hey what's going on?

James: Tell us what's wrong.

Baileywick: We know there's something we can do.

Queen Miranda: It might not be clear.

Amber: that's why we're here.

King Roland: Tell us what's bothering you.

All: Got something on your mind, don't you keep it inside. You're gonna be fine.

Hey tell us what's wrong. What's going on?

[Hiro turns to Sofia and her family]

King Roland: Hiro, do you miss Tadashi?

Hiro: Well... I...

Baileywick: and would killing Professor Callaghan make your brother happy?

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