Sofia the Worst (also known as Bad Sofia) is an evil copy of Princess Sofia who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Sofia the Second". Like the real Sofia, she is voiced by Ariel Winter.


Sofia the Worst was created by Princess Sofia when she did a duplication spell and began to become bad and power-hungry. She overthrew Sofia and seized the throne of the kingdom of Arendelle with her friends Prince Hans and Makuta. But Ryan managed to defeat them with the help of Terra (in her Teen Titan costume) and Evil Ryan, her rival. After an offer to join the Decepticons by Megatron, Bad Sofia swore and plotted revenge on those who wronged her.

Rivalry with Evil Ryan and Terra

After Terra revealed that she hated being a villain and wanted to be a hero instead in Teen Titan Terra, Bad Sofia got mad and she became rivals with them.

Her crush on Ryan F-Freeman

Bad Sofia saw Ryan in the world of Total Drama. When Duncan accidentally hits her on the head with a shovel, Bad Sofia falls in love with him and plans to make Ryan her boyfriend with the help of her friends Mal, Ryvine and his friend Rothbart from the film "The Swan Princess". But every time she


  • Bad Sofia has a crush on Ryan F-Freeman.
  • Bad Sofia has a rivalry with Evil Ryan and former villain and new Teen Titan Terra.
  • Bad Sofia's super suit is the opposite to Sofia's; Sofia uses ice, Bad Sofia uses fire.
  • Bad Sofia don't like anyone who puts her in a barn.


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