Solo Songnote is the new leader of the Mermaids (AKA the Dark Stars) and a Mer-Siren.


Solo Songnote was born when Ryan was put under the Dark Stars' spell. Ryan asks what the Dark Stars are about to do to him but one of them, Agalope tells him that the Dark Stars need a "Mer-master" to lead them. Ryan agrees and his words before he became a Dark Star were "I will be your Mer-master, Mermaids. I accept my place." Then Agalope places a gem shaped like a heart on his forehead then Ryan feels the magic and changed him from himself to a Mer-Siren. Agalope tells him about the songs they have been singing. Solo asks Agalope what is he now which Agalope tells him that he's now Solo Songnote. When Cody found Ryan and ask him if he's ok Solo replies that Ryan no longer exists and said "You may now address me as Solo Songnote.".






  • What have you done to me?!
  • What is Meg going to say when she sees me like this?
  • I can't believe this.
  • Agalope? What you and your sisters do some times? Sing some songs?
  • I don't know what I became. I feel so wrong. I feel..wrong. I feel.... I feel...
  • Ryan no longer exists. You may now address me as Solo Songnote.
  • I told you, Cody. Ryan is gone and he's not coming back.
  • Well, Cody, my fellow mermaids put a gem on Ryan's forehead and now I am here.
  • [to the Dark Stars] Girls, I command you to bring Cody onto our side.
  • [gasps] I... I'm touched by your kind words. I'm sorry, Cody.


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