This is how Solus' funeral, Celebration, and Ending goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Phantom Menace.

[We then see Ryan talking with Zeta]

Zeta Prime: The Council does confer on you the level of Jedi Keyblade Wielder Knight. But I do not agree with your taking this girl as your Padawan learner.

Ryan F-Freeman: Solus believed in her.

Zeta Prime: The girl may be the Chosen One. Nevertheless, I fear grave danger in her training.

Ryan F-Freeman: Master Zeta, I gave Solus Prime my word. I will train Twilight... without the approval of the Council, if I must.

Zeta Prime: I sense Solus' defiance in you. You do not need that. The Council does agree with you. Sparkle will be your apprentice.

[Later we see the apprehended Trade Federation people being loaded up onto a ship and see Luna talking to them]

Princess Luna: Now Viceroy, you're going to have to explain this to the Senate. And you can consider losing your trade routes.