This is how Solus Prime and Ryan vs. Vanitas goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Phantom Menace.

[Vanitas enters as Duel of the Fates plays]

Solus Prime: We will handle this. [takes out her Forge]

Ryan F-Freeman: [takes out his Keyblade] This is where the fun starts.

Flash Sentry: We'll take the long way.

[They head another way]

[Vanitas takes out his double-bladed Keyblade]

Ryan F-Freeman: Two blades? Cool.

Vanitas: This is cooler.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ready, Solus?

Solus Prime: I am.

[They begin battling Vanitas]

Solus Prime: Call yourself off!

Ryan F-Freeman: Thrust! Perry!

Vanitas: You call yourself a Prime? You were a records clerk when I found you. You will be dust when I'm done with you!

Ryan F-Freeman: Are you gonna talk or fight?

Vanitas: Sorry. Old habit.

[They clash through into what looks like a large room with huge generators]

Ryan F-Freeman: You are finished, Vanitas.

Vanitas: Oh we'll see. [kicks him to a lower level and turns to Solus]

[Solus and Vanitas battle it out on the bridge they are on]

[Ryan gets back up and pursues from below]

[We see Solus block a strike from Vanitas]

[Ryan jumps up to the bridge they are on and follows as the Prime and Sith Keyblade Master clash through the entrance to a room with a pit]

[After some time, Vanitas secures himself in the room with the pit, waiting for Solus, who is on the other side of the energy field, and Ryan is farther away]

[Solus takes this time to meditate and rest up her energy]

[Finally, the energy field deactivates allowing Solus passage and Ryan time to catch up]

[Solus and Vanitas continue battling]

[The energy fields activate again]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

[Solus and Vanitas continue battling until Vanitas stabs Solus through the stomach]

Ryan F-Freeman: Nooooooooo!!!!

[Solus falls down]

[Vanitas looks at Ryan]

[Ryan glares at him]

Vanitas: So. You are a Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm gonna make you pay for that.

[Vanitas laughs]

Vanitas: Are you truly willing to compromise your own beliefs.