This is the scene where G-Merl and Danielle teleport to the Space Colony ARK and discover something is not right in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

[At the Space Colony ARK. G-Merl and Danielle teleports out of the techno-portal but finds Tails isn't with them. He opens up communications on his forearm.]

G-Merl: Hey Tails.... Tails, do you copy, what's going on?

Tails: We've apparently been sent to different locations on the ARK, I think the portal still needs some work.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Hmmm, so what should we do now, G-Merl?

G-Merl: We'll need to regroup.... Tails, Stay where you are. We'll try to--

[Something off-screen catches Danielle's attention.]

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Hold on, Someone's coming.

[She and G-Merl takes cover behind some boxes and observes a space station guard escorting Raimundo and Clay.]

G.U.N. Agent: We've set up a temporary holding facility as requested, Commander, It should hold Raimundo and Clay until they're recovered.

G.U.N. Commander: My thanks. If this Earth merge continues, everyone's mind may be affected. our friend will be joining us shortly with our newest guest.

[Danielle jumps up and runs out from her cover.]

G-Merl: Danielle, wait stop!

G.U.N. Agent: Affirmative. Are there any special security measures that--

[The guard turns round just in time to see Danielle clock him in the face with a gigantic haymaker. The heavily-armoured guard is hurled across the room from the impact and instantly knocked unconscious. Danielle throws a left-cross at Clay, but it only causes him to flinch. a red glow soon shows in they're eyes, they're bodies turned purple and they grew menacingly.]

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Well now, this just got a whole lot more interesting.

[They fight. Through the sheer strength of her ghost powers, Danielle overwhelms Raimundo and Clay and beats them unconscious. G-Merl then radios in to Tails.]

G-Merl: Tails, the ARK's secure. What's your situation?

Tails: I'm fine. We need to locate the main command center to cripple this station's capabilities.

G-Merl: Right, Stay where you are, Danielle and I'll follow your signal and come to you.

???: You're not going anywhere.

[G-Merl turns around at the voice and instinctively fires his Cyclone Cannon. Wonder Woman deflects all the bullets he shoots with her bracelets. The handcuffed Sub-Zero approaches behind her.]

G-Merl: Sub-Zero?!

???: I take it you two know each other.

Sub-Zero: He is G-Merl, a formidable warrior, as you will soon discover.

[The ninja steps aside, noticing Wonder Woman's a bit pissed off at being shot at, The dark energy appears in her eyes adds to that.]

???: Well "warrior", I don't know what your universe is doing to mine, or what you're doing to this station, but true warriors don't use guns!

[G-Merl puts back his Cyclone Cannon.]

???: And if it's a fight you want, you'll soon be joining your friend in a cell!

[They fight. Even without his Cyclone Cannon, G-Merl is more than a match for Wonder Woman, He eventually knocks her unconscious next to Raimundo and Clay, then radios in.]

G-Merl: Hey Tails, Danielle, you'll never guess who I bumped into...

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Sub-Zero?!

Tails: What's he doing up here?

Sub-Zero: Obviously I am a captive. It would appear that we are now allies.

G-Merl: Appearances can be deceiving.

Sub-Zero: True, but you would be a fool to refuse my help.

G-Merl: What do you think, Tails? Should we trust him?

Tails: Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

G-Merl: Alright then, Sub-Zero...

[G-Merl shatters Sub-Zero's handcuffs with one downward smash.]

G-Merl: ...Tell us what you know.

Sub-Zero: Only that these warriors are unlike anything I've encountered. I don't know yet who commands them.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Any ideas?

Sub-Zero: The most logical assumption would be that Master Xehanort has returned to finish what he started with this new army, Now I need to find someone, a Supreme Kai who may have answers.

G-Merl: Supreme Kai? oh boy, I don't like the sound of that.

Sub-Zero: Like it or not, we need her. when there is threat of invasion, she usually knows something about it.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: She?

G-Merl: Hmmm, if were going to find this "Supreme Kai", we're gonna need some help.... and I think i know who's perfect enough for this mission.

(G-Merl looked at Raimundo and Clay both unconscious, he thought they could make good allies)

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