The way Somewhere in Canterlot High goes in Yuna in Little Golden Book Land.

Rarity: (tries to picking the blueberry gum off her boot) Hello, Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, (chuckles) Hiya, Girls.

Rarity: Exciting day, Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, It is a very exciting day, Rarity, I'm going to Equestria, You know the home where the Pony counterparts of You gals and Sunset Shimmer lives.

Rarity: (tries to get the blueberry gum off her boot) I notice.

Jiminy Cricket: (sees the blueberry gum on one of Rarity's boot) What's that on your boot?

Rarity: Oh, Just a blueberry gum on one of my boot, I've been trying to get it out.

Jiminy Cricket: I see, Just checking.

Rarity: When, You get there, Be sure to give our reguards. Then, always watch your back.

Jiminy Cricket: I'll get it off for you.

Rarity: Thank you, Jiminy.

Twilight Sparkle: We hope it goes well, Jiminy.

Jiminy Cricket: Why thank you, Twilight.

Rainbow Dash: See ya around, Jiminy.

Flash Sentry: Good luck.

Apple Bloom: Be careful.

Sunset Shimmer: Say hi to the pony of me for me.

Jiminy Cricket: I will, Sunset.

Sweetie Belle: See you soon, Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: Bye, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Babs Seed!

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