Sonic's Adventures Chronicles Halloween Special: Rise of the Headless Horseman is the Holiday Special of the TV series. It will appear near the future in YouTube.


Sonic and the rest of the team made it to Sleepy Hollow to their halloween journey to go trick or treating, while their trick or treat adventure is great and their going to the cemetery where the ghostly headless hessian solider and his giant black horse was buried, they accidentally went to the wrong way where they were attacked by the gang of thieves whoever enters their turf steals candies from people in their halloween costumes, during their way to the Sleepy Hollow cemetery the thieves continuing following them trying to get candy from them. But they we're suddenly attacked by the real life Headless Horseman in the process. Can Sonic and the others protect themselves from the group of halloween candy thieves, stop the Headless Horseman by using the skull he was searching for lies await.



  • Prologue
  • The Next Day
  • Trip to Sleepy Hollow, New York
  • Halloween Party
  • The Story of the Headless Horseman
  • Attacked by Halloween Candy Thieves
  • The Bridge
  • Tree of the Dead
  • Sonic Team vs Halloween Candy Thieves
  • Headless Horseman Awakens
  • The Chase
  • How Do We Stop the Headless Horseman
  • The Witch With the Skull
  • Headless Horseman Attacks
  • The Halloween Candy Thieves' Death
  • Sonic Team vs Headless Horseman
  • Headless Horseman Gets His Head Back
  • It's Finally Over
  • Epilogue

Music & Songs


  1. 30 Minutes of Dark Suspense Scary Creepy Horror Music (Instrumental Music Mix)
  2. Horror Chase
  3. Fallout 3 Death music


  1. Left 4 Dead Blood Harvest

The Next Day:

  1. Poshley Heights - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Trip to Sleepy Hollow, New York:

  1. Super Mario Galaxy: OST #18 - Rosalina's Comet Observatory 3

Halloween Party:

  1. This is Halloween
  2. Michael Jackson Thriller

The Story of the Headless Horseman:

  1. Behold the Darkness
  2. Headless Horseman Song

Attacked by Halloween Candy Thieves:

  1. Paper Mario: Koopa Bros. Keep Cool

The Bridge:

  1. Donkey Kong 64: Creepy Castle Dungeons

Tree of the Dead:

  1. The Tree of Dead

Sonic Team vs Halloween Candy Thieves:

  1. Paper Mario: Attack on the Koopa Bros

Headless Horseman Awakens:

  1. The Explosive Birth of Yveltal - Pokemon Movie 17

The Chase:

  1. Creepy Castle Mine Cart - Donkey Kong 64

How Do We Stop the Headless Horseman: