This is the transcript of Sonic's Adventures of Beauty and the Beast.


Searching Maurice:

(We cut the scene to see where our heroes enter the gate of the castle)

Belle: What is this place?

Takato Matsuki: Wow I have never seen the gate and the castle that huge.

Guilmon: Me too Takato

(Phillip starts to panic)

Belle: Phillip please steady! (She gets off and clams Phillip down) Steady.

Matt: Hey look there!

(They open gate to see Maurice's hat)

Donatello: It's a hat.

Leonardo: And we all know who is it.

Belle: Papa.

Sora (Digimon): He must be inside the castle.

Biyomon: I think somebody kidnapped Maurice and locked him inside.

Michelangelo: Dudes and Dudettes that castle reminds me of the horror movie I watched.

Sonic: We have no time for the talking you guys, we have to Maurice and get out of the castle.

Raphael: I agree with Sonic let's go for it!

(We cut the scene to see Lumiere and Cogsworth are at the table)

Cogsworth: Oh hmm, keep quiet would we. Just had to invite him to stay didn't we, serve him deed sitting the masters' chair de pooch.

Lumiere: I was to be hospitable.

(We see our heroes open the door)

Belle: Hello? Is anyone here?

Henry Wong: Hello.

Terriermon: Hello.

Michelangelo: Hello!

Everyone Except Belle: (Shushing him).

Raphael: Quiet Mikey!

Impmon: Yeah do u want us to get caught or not?!

Michelangelo: Yeah your right sorry about that.

(Our heroes continued to look for maurice)

Belle: Papa. Papa. Are you here?

Tai: Maurice!

Agumon: Hey where are you!

Tour of the Castle/West Wing:

Sora (Digimon): I really love this castle.

Biyomon: Same here.

Mordecai: Dude that castle is huge.

Michelangelo: Uh where's Belle?

Renamon: She's right over there.

(Belle goes up to the stairs)

Rigby: Where is she going?

Leonardo: I don't know it's a...

(He closes his eyes and flashback starts)

Beast in Flashback: The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you like. Except the West Wing.

Belle in Flashback: What's in the West...

Beast in Flashback: It's forbidden!

(Flashback ends as Leonardo opens his eyes)

Leonardo: (Gasp) The West Wing!

Mordecai: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

(They finally stop her from entering, as Mordecai takes a deep breath)

Belle: What's up there?

Cogsworth: Well that, oh nothing absolutely nothing interested in all of the West Wing dusty, dotty very boring.

Matt: Yeah very boring.

Belle: Oh. So that's the west wing.

Cogsworth: Oops.

Sonic and the Rest of the Team: (in the Space Pirates voice paranoid)

Lumiere: Nice going!

Rika: Yeah way to go, Coo Coo Clock.

Belle: I wonder what he's hiding up there?

Lumiere: (Giggles nervously) Hiding... the.. the Master is hiding nothing?

Takato Matsuki: Yeah he's right Belle (in Marcus Damon's voice) you're just imagining things.

Sora (Digimon): Takato's right Belle we're not suppose to go up there.

Leonardo: Beast's instructions are very clear, we're suppose to not go up to the West Wing because it's forbidden.

Belle: (Walks away ignoring Leonardo) Then it wouldn't be forbidden.

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