Sonic The Hedgehog Meets The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is another upcoming sonic movie. It will appear near the future.


Sonic and his friends came to pride rock once again to reunite Simba and they meet his daughter name Kiara and they meet another lion name Kovu, Later trouble came when Scar's endangered girlfriend name Zira and her evil lioness army whom Mephiles, Seelkadoom the Hedgehog, Gene, The Deadly Six (Zavok, Zazz, Zeena, Master Zik, Zomom, Zor) Spectral Space Pirates. The team must pull together to stop them.



  • He Lives in You
  • Simba and Kiara - We are one
  • Mephiles, Seelkadoom, Spectral Space Pirates, Gene, The Deadly Six, Zira, Nuka, Vitani - My Lullaby
  • Kovu, Kiara, Tamers and Rafiki - Upendi
  • Not one of Us
  • Love Will Find a Way
  • We are one (Finale)


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