Sonic and Friends Goes to Dragon Wars is a new upcoming crossover movie created by Punkasaurus0530. It will appear near the future.


The story follows the adventures of Ethan Kendrick,  in his childhood by Jack to protect the Yeouiju, an born able to change an Imugi into a Celestial Dragon. To this end, Jack gives Ethan a medallion formerly belonging to Haram and reveals that the Yeouiju is Sarah, whom Ethan will  in Los Angeles.

15 years after this revelation, a corrupt Imoogi identified as "Buraki" invades the city, bent on capturing Sarah; whereupon Ethan, now a televised-news anchor, rescues her, conveys the knowledge of her purpose, and attempts to save her from Buraki. During the resulting chase, Buraki's "Artox Army" enters the city and engages the United States Army, the United States Air Force, and the Los Angeles Police Department in battle. Here, the Atrox Army is shown to consist of black-armored, humanoid warriors; theropod-like cavalry called "Shaconnes"; small, winged Western dragons called "Bulcos"; and immense, slow-moving reptiles carrying rocket-launchers on their backs, identified in the dialogue as "Dawdlers". Despite losses, this army overwhelms the human forces and Sonic and Friends too. The heroes have no other choice but to retreat, while the Gang escape. They are subsequently captured by the Bulcos and taken to a menacing fortress in the midst of a darkened desert landscape. There, Ethan's medallion destroys the Artox Army; but Buraki attempts to consume Sarah, where upon he is attacked by the Good Imoogi. The two Imoogi, good and evil, engage each other in a duel that Buraki appears to win after seemingly snapping the Good Imugi's neck. Having won the fight, Buraki again approaches Sarah; but having offered herself to him, she instead gives her power to the Good Imugi who had just revived, who there upon becomes the Celestial Dragon, continuing the duel until it finally destroys Buraki.

After Buraki is destroyed, Mephiles is hit by Super Shadow and leaves, Super Sonic kicks Nazo The Hedgehog and he escapes, Max Taylor tells Spectre and the other Space Pirates to leave, Gallantmon destroys the talisman sending Dr. Facilier to the underworld again, Bowser, his son and other koopa kids escape, GBF Sr begins to disappoinedd his son for trying to kidnap Sarah and they both exploded, Sarah into a spirit form, and the Celestial Dragon permits Sarah to speak to Ethan, whom she promises to "love...for all eternity"; then withdraws Sarah into his body and ascends to the heavens. Immediately Jack appears behind Ethan, reminds him that the two of them "have been given a great honor" to take part in this transformation, and vanishes; presumably never to be seen again. After whispering "Goodbye old man", The gang get on the Blue Typhoon taking Ethan home and flew away into the desert for their next adventure.

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