Here's how Sonny tells the heroes his dream in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot

Computervoice: Authorized entry.

[Del Spooner, Dr. Calvin, and the heroes make their entrance]

Sonny: Dr. Calvin. I was hoping to se you again. Detective.

Calvin: Hello Sonny.

Tino: Hey Sonny.

Serena: [a tear rolled down her cheek]

Sonny: Serena. Why's the sad look on your face?

Serena: An NS-5 killed Ash. Ash sacrificed himself to save me.

Tino: [pats Serena on the back] It's going to be okay. You'll see.

Sonny: I'm to be decommissioned soon.

Spooner: The other day at the station. you said you had dreams. What is it you dream?

Sonny: I see you remain suspicious of me.

Spooner:You know what they say about old dogs.

Sonny: No. Not really. I had hoped you would come to think of me as your friend.

Optimus Prime: Well... He might think about that later, Sonny.

Drift: So, what's your dream?

Sonny: This is my dream. [draws a picture of what he's dreaming] You were right. detective. I cannot create a great work of art. This is the place where robots meet. Look. You can see them here as slaves to logic. And this man on the hill comes to free them. Do you know who he is?

Brock: It can be anyone.

Sneech: He could be me.

Riruru: Shut up, Sneech!!

Carlos: We know it's not you!

Buttercup: Don't say something stupid, again!

Eddy: Not ever!

Calvin: The man in the dream is you.

Sonny: Why do you say that? ls that a normal dream?

Spooner: I guess anything's normal for someone in your position.

Sonny: Thank you. You said "someone." not "something."

Calvin: Sonny. do you know why Dr. Lanning built you?

Sonny: No. But I believe my father made me for a purpose. We all have a purpose. Don't you think. detective? Please. take this. I have a feeling it may mean more to you than to me.

Spooner: Why is that?

Sonny: Because the man in my dream......the one standing on the is not me. It is you.

Pinkie Pie: What?

Carver: Hell no!

Littlefoot: What the...?

[Security guard came in the lab]

Lor: Oh, crap!