Sooty is a bear who has a magic wand and three friends named Sweep, Soo and Little Cousin Scampi. Matthew Corbett and Richard Cadell sometimes help Sooty and Pooh on their adventures at home.


Sooty was a teddy bear who was bought by Harry Corbett in 1948. The BBC let Harry and Sooty (who was known as Teddy at the time) appear on Saturday Night. This entry into the show made Sooty and Harry have thier very own TV show. In 1953 a dog named Sweep who only squeaks joined in the family, then Soo joined in the 60's which led to the BBC losing Sooty and ITV now airing the show. In the 70's Matthew Corbett took over and Little Cousin Scampi joined the family in 1990. When Thames lost broadcasting rights in 1992, they moved to Granada Television for Sooty & Co until 1998 when Matthew retired. Richard Cadell took over in 1999 and today Sooty remains as popular as ever.

Episodes He Will Soon Appear

"Pooh Meets Sweep's Family" "Four Men In A Boat" "Pooh & Sooty's Sticky Situation"

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