This is how Sophia is apologizing to Noby for her actions in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Ash: SUE!!

Shido: Are you alright?!

Sue: Yeah, I finally won Noby back.

Tino: See, we told you this plan well work.

Noby: Sue.

Sue: Yes Noby.

Noby: I’m so sorry for running away from home like that.

Sue: [hugs Noby] Don’t worry about it. I know ruining my birthday was an accident. And you and I know that were more than just friends.

Noby: Us?

Sue: Yes. You’re my boyfriend, Noby. You’re my prince

Noby: Really? Wow, I didn’t think of that.

Sue: I know.

Sophia: [gets up from the ground] N…N…Noby. There’s something that I want to say to you. [cries] I’m…I’m…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!!

Noby: Hey. We’re friends, no matter what.

Sophia: Really?

Noby: Yes

When something goes wrong
You could even say “I’m sorry”
To a friend or parent
Sometimes I believe that I could

Sophia: So we’re still friends?

Noby: That’s right.

Because we’re friends no matter what
Friends on Earth may have abandon me
But now I could have the right to stand up for everyone
And I’m going back home
I might miss you to
And you will miss me to
But I have to go back home
It’s where I belong
I want you to take good care of your kingdom
We’ll be seeing you again and because
We’re Friends No Matter What!

Sophia: I understand. (Maybe being friends no matter what has a lot of meaning to it. And I accept it, and the fact that Noby is my love). But you and your friends want to stay here for the night we have food for everyone.

Carver: Why did you say so?!!

Tohka: Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! [grabs Shido and runs off]

Shido: Hey!! TOHKA!! Wait!

Ash: Well time to go and eat

Serena: With me?

Ash: Okay.

May: No! With me?

Serena: Hey! Trying to steal Ash from me again?

May: He’s mine

Serena: No, he’s mine

Tino: Oh boy, here we go again!

Sunset Shimmer: Relax, no one’s going to get between you and me.

Tino: I suppose you’re right. Let’s go eat.

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