Sora's Adventure Extravaganza Special: The Magic, Comedy and Adventure Revue is a First Sora's Adventure Documentry that made by TheAngryPepe. It was Originally on Youtube in 1-31-14, But It was Reuploaded into Google Drive in 1-8-15.


The Sora's Adventure Studios takes Every Kid and Parent to the World of Sora's Adventure Series. The Movies (Sora's Adventure of Teen Beach Movie, Sora Meets Robin Hood, Sora's Adventures of The Nightmare Before Christmas and More) appears as a Great Moments as Well as Sora's Enemies and More.


It was on Youtube in 1-31-14, But It Reappears on Google Drive in 1-8-15.

The Short Dcoumentry Film is a Mix Up of Once Upon a Mouse (1981) and The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue (1985).

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