Sora's Adventure Special: The Adventure Continues is the Upcoming Fifth Anniversary Special of Sora's Adventure Franchises Created by TheAngryPepe. It Will be Appear on Google Drive in the Near Future.


After Sora, Donald and Goofy's Adventures of Their in Angel Grove for All Three Seasons of Sora's Adventures of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, They Decided that Their Adventure Must Be Continue by Going on Another Journey and Meeting Their Future Members of S.A.T. (Sora's Adventure Team) and Face an Evil Snow Sorcerer Named Winterbolt as They Save the World.


This Special Will tell the Viewers of Sora's Adventure Series How Sora, Donald and Goofy First Met Olie, Billy, Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez and Letting Them Join on the Sora's Adventure Team. Also, This is the First time that the Gang Face Winterbolt.

Since this is a Past Adventure, Liv and Maddie (Whom Their First Apperance on Sora Says It's Magical), Caitlyn Gellar (Whom Had Her since Appearnce on Sora Goes to Camp Rock), Lela and Tanner (They Met Sora and Friends on Sora's Adventures of Teen Beach Movie) and Archimedes (Whom Didn't Join the Team til Sora and The Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom) will be Absent in This Special.

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