Welcome to the Page of Sora's Adventure Teams.

Voice Cast

Haley Joel Osment as Sora

Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

Bill Farmer as Goofy

Cole Caplan as Olie Polie

Joshua Tucci as Billy Bevel

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodriguez as Trish De La Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez Wade

Alyson Stoner as Caitlyn Gellar

Grace Phipps as Lela

Garrett Clayton as Tanner

Dove Cameron as Liv and Maddie Rooney

Andre Stojka as Archimedes the Owl

Alan Tudyk as K-2SO

TheAngryPepe's Team Member

Sora (Founder/Leader)

Donald Duck


Olie Polie

Billy Bevel

Austin Moon

Ally Dawson

Trish De La Rosa

Dez Wade

Caitlyn Gellar



Liv Rooney

Maddie Rooney



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