Sora's Adventures Chronicles is another upcoming TV series planned to be made by TheAngryPepe. It appeared on YouTube with its Pilot Episode as a Sneak Preview on September 27, 2013. The Series Finally Makes It's Premiere on January 9, 2014 with a Episode Called Ally's Find. There will be the Remake of This Series in a Near Future.



Donald Duck


Austin Moon

Ally Dawson

Trish De La Rosa

Dez Wade

Olie Polie

Billy Bevel



Caitlyn Gellar

Liv and Maddie Rooney

Archimedes the Owl



Judge Doom


The Queen of Hearts






Brer Fox

Brer Bear

Prince John

Sir Hiss

Chelsea Barnes

Captain Hook


Master Xehanort


Kubla Kraus


The Fearsome Five (Negaduck, Bushroot, Megavolt, Liquidator, and Quackerjack)

Arthur and Cecil

Magica De Spell

Dr. Facilier

Tess Tyler

Cedric the Sorcerer

Madam Mim

Cruella De Vil

Shere Khan

King Candy

Darth Vader

Kylo Ren

Dick Dastardly


Recurring Characters

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse


Ludwig Von Drake

Max Goof








Cedric the Sorcerer



King Louie


The Vultures (Buzzy, Flaps, Ziggy and Dizzy)


Bay Kennish


Jiminy Cricket

Pappy Polie

Uncle Gizmo

Tinker Bell and Her Fairy Friends

Princess Sofia

Princess Amber

Prince James

Robin Hood

Little John

Mr. and Mrs. Polie

Brer Rabbit

The Lion Guard (Kion, Ono, Fuli, Bunga and Besthe)


The Muppets (Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Rowlf the Dog, Scooter, The Eletric Mayham and Rizzo the Rat)

Father Winter

Jack Frost



Darth Vader (as a Good Guy)

Boba Fett

Megan Simms

Mary Contrary

Tom Piper

Chanticleer, Patou, Snipers, and Peppers

Prince Naveen


Princess Tiana

Mama Odie


Roger Rabbit

Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder

Mckenzie Fox

The DigiDestined Kids and Their Digimons

Teddy Duncan

Cece Jones

Rocky Blue

The Castaways (Gilligan, The Skipper, Mary Ann Summers, Ginger Grant, The Professor and Mr and Mrs. Howell)



Elsa the Snow Queen

Princess Anna


Flynn Rider





Yogi Bear

Boo-Boo Bear


Huckkleburry Hound

Quick Draw McGraw

Baba Looey

Wally Gator

Magilla Gorilla

Yakky Doodle

Pixie and Dixie

Mr. Jinks


Season 1:

Pilot: The Adventure Continues

Episode 1: Ally's Find

Episode 2: Good Luck Sora

Episode 3: Let's All Shake It Up

Episode 4: Trouble at House of Mouse

Episode 5: Lela's Missing

Episode 6: Dez's Buffet Party

Episode 7: Where's Olie and Ally?

Episode 8: The Time Went By

Episode 9: The Revenge of Shere Khan

Episode 10: No Service at All

Episode 11: Message on the Computer

Episode 12: Goofy for a President

Episode 13: Austin's Birthday Party

Episode 14: Princess Sofia's Almuet is Missing!

Episode 15: Danger!

Episode 16: Mickey's Magical World

Episode 17: Standing Guard

Episode 18: Creepy Connie's Here

Episode 19: The Runaway

Episode 20: Blasting Off

Episode 21: Ally Saves the Day

Episode 22: So This is Love

Episode 23: Return to The Beach

Episode 24: Ursula Takes Charge

Episode 25: Pappy's Good Old Days

Episode 26: The Guitar Thief

Episode 27: Constantine Returns

Episode 28: Lela and Tanner's Sleep Over

Episode 29: Negaduck Strikes Back

Episode 30: Maleficent's Rage

Season 2:

Episode 31: Let There Be Snow

Episode 32: Suitcase and a Dream

Episode 33: Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Episode 34: Dez Lost a Memory

Episode 35: An Adventure in Disneyland (Part One)

Episode 36: An Adventure in Disneyland (Part Two)

Episode 37: Watch Out Below!

Episode 38: A Day at the Park

Episode 39: A Trip Through Neverland

Episode 40: What If and Where's Donald?

Episode 41: Mickey's Magical Mix Ups/Ally's Talent Show

Episode 42: Trish Breaks the Rules

Episode 43: Whatcha Doing?

Episode 44: A Fantasy in the Skyway

Episode 45: Home Sweet Castle

Episode 46: Go Heroes!

Episode 47: Austin Takes the Plunge

Episode 48: Pete Does It Again

Episode 49: Dirty Objects

Episode 50: An Person Never Forgets

Episode 51: Return to Wonderland

Episode 52: 20,000 Looks Under the Sea

Episode 53: The Revenge of Oogie Boogie (Part One)

Episode 54: The Revenge of Oogie Boogie (Part Two)

Episode 55: Mind that Key!

Episode 56: It's a Wonderful New Life

Episode 57: Hats Off

Episode 58: No Birds Allowed

Episode 59: Is This the End?

Episode 60: We're Moving?

Season 3:

Episode 61: Liv's True Fashion

Episode 62: The Roses of Sucess

Episode 63: Dez Gets a New Look

Episode 64: The Villians' League

Episode 65: The Hidden Mine

Episode 66: Happy Pranksgiving

Episode 67: ToonTown's Finest Part 1

Episode 68: ToonTown's Finest Part 2

Episode 69: The Keyblade of the Brave

Episode 70: Nora's Psycho Orchestra

Episode 71: Who Spell to Snagglepuss?

Episode 72: Too Hot for Yogi

Episode 73: Look Out!, There's a Black Storm Cloud

Episode 74: Don't Let Something Bad Happens to You, Wally Gator

Episode 75: A Whale of the Whole Tale

Episode 76: In the Search of Princess Elena of Avalor

Episode 77: Take Us Out to the Ball Game

Episode 78: Let the Sleeping Rose Lies

Episode 79: Rapunzel's Opening Night

Episode 80: A Sparkling Feeling

Season 4:

Episode 81: Their Own Image

Episode 82: Wind in Our Hairs

Episode 83:

Episode 84:

Episode 85:

Episode 86:

Episode 87:

Episode 88:

Episode 89:

Episode 90:

Episode 91:

Episode 92:

Episode 93:

Episode 94:

Episode 95:

Episode 96:

Episode 97:

Episode 98:

Episode 99:

Episode 100:

Episode 101:

Episode 102:

Episode 103:

Episode 104:

Episode 105:

Episode 106:

Episode 107:

Episode 108:

Episode 109:

Season 5:

Episode 110:

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