Sora's Adventures in Rescue the Muppets (aka Rescue the Muppets) is an all-new Sora's Adventures telefilm by TheAngryPepe. It appears on Google Drive in 8-15-14.


Sora and the Gang Visit their Old Friends in The Muppet Theater. Also, the Muppets are preparing for their next show in Friday Night. Then Constantine Escapes from a Siberia Gulag Once Again and Take Revenge on Sora's Friends.  And Sora's Enemies Also Have Plans to Kidnap the Muppets and Take Them to Ralphscoe and Master Xehanort. It's Up to Sora and the Gang to Save their Muppet Friends from Their Rivals.

Rescue the Muppets

A DVD Cover of Rescue the Muppets.


The telefilm takes place after Pooh's Adventures of Muppets Most Wanted including Austin & Ally's Adventures of Muppets Most Wanted (Explaining Knowing Constantine)

The Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Mary Contray, McKenzie Fox and Mickey Mouse are the Good Guest Stars in The Film.

Pete and Maleficent are the Bad Guest Star in the Film.

Sora and the Gang teams Up with Sam the Eagle and Jean Pierre Napoleon to Save the Day.

The short film also takes place before Sora's Adventures of The Jungle Book II and Sora's Adventures of Home of the Range.

Nadya appears as a Cameo at the Very End when She Arrests the Villians.

This is the First Sora's Adventure Appearnce made by Constantine and Dominic Badguy.

Megan Simms makes Making Her Comeback Appearnce in the telefilm Special.

Archimedes and Tanner is Asbent in the Film.

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