Sora's Adventures of Frozen Fever is another Sora's Adventure Short Film, Which Will Be Made by TheAngryPepe and BowserMovies1989. It Appears on Google Drive in 8-27-15 (Along with Sora's Adventures of Thomas and The Magic Railroad).


Elsa (Dez's Cousin) is throwing a lavish birthday surprise for Anna (Dez's Other Cousin) that involves following a red string that's woven around presents, leading her to a party. However, Elsa has a cold and each time she sneezes a batch of Snow Babies is magically unleashed, and it's up to Sora and the Gang, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff to stop them from mischievously ruining the party.


Uncle Gizmo, Pappy Polie, Jiminy Cricket, The Vultures, Zazu, McKenzie Fox and Pollie Pi Guest Stars in this Short.

This Film Take Places after Sora's Adventures of Frozen.

This is the first time that both TheAngryPepe and BowserMovies1989 made a film together.

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