Sora's Adventures of The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers is the 12th chapter of the Kingdom Hearts/Land Before Time saga planned to be made by TheAngryPepe. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Petrie is having a difficult time preparing for "The Day of the Flyers", an important day for all of the flying residents of the Great Valley, when all of the young flyers must participate in a very precise flying exhibition to prove that they are ready to fly with the adults. Always a nervous flyer, Petrie has even more trouble flying with his siblings in precise group formations — he’s more of an independent, free-style flier. At the same time, a strange newcomer to the Great Valley has Sora, Mickey, their friends, Littlefoot and his friends trying to help figure out just exactly what he is. Named Guido, a Microraptor gui, he’s the strangest looking creature any of the Great Valley creatures has ever seen, especially since he’s covered with feathers, and has never seen another like himself. Cera is having her own troubles, as her grumpy dad and his new mate, Tria, get ready to welcome a hatchling to the family.

All of these issues come together on the night before "The Day of the Flyers", when Guido starts to figure out what he is, inadvertently leading all of the gang on a perilous adventure into the Mysterious Beyond.


Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Uncle Gizmo, Pappy Polie and McKenzie Fox Guest Stars in This Film.

Archimedes and K-2SO are both absent in this film, due to it being a past adventure.

Although not released yet, this film will be referenced in Sora Meets Rover Dangerfield when Sora, Mary, Littlefoot, and their friends talk to K-2SO about the Day of the Flyers

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