Sora's Adventures of The Little Mermaid is a Sora's Adventures film that is created by TheAngryPepe. It Appears on Google Drive in Spring 2015 for Pooh's Adventure League Members and Finally to the Public on 11-3-15.


Sora and Friends went back to the kingdom of Atlantica and reuntie with Ariel. And later they meet Prince Eric. They must help Ariel fulfill her old dream of being part of a human world and help her understand what being a human is like.


McKenzie Fox, The Muppets (Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo and Walter), Roger Rabbit, Pollie Pi, Caractaus Potts and Truly Scumptous are Good Guest Stars in This Film.

Constantine the Frog, Chelsea Barnes, Prince John, Sir Hiss, Dr. Fusion and Brooke is Work for Ursula.

This is the Third Time for Liv and Maddie Faced Ursula. (it's Going to be the First time Liv and Maddie Meets Flounder and King Triton. While this is the Second for Them to See Ariel, Sebastian and Scuttle)

Sora and the Gang were able to breathe underwater, due to Princess Tory and Donald's magic making them impervious to drowning.

Like DisneyDaniel93's film "Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid", The Film is in NSTC.

This film dedicated to the loving memories of Kenneth Mars (1935-2011).

The storyline continues in Sora's Adventures of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

Unlike the Real Film, This Sora's Adventure Version of The Film is Going to be Based on Kingdom Hearts II.

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