Sora Gets Tangled Ever After is the Another mini-episode in the Sora's Adventure Series that is Created by TheAngryPepe and a Sequel to Sora Gets Tangled. It Appears Youtube in 4-3-15 (Good Friday).


At the wedding of Rapunzel and Eugene, for some reason, the two rings (which belonged to the Queen's grandmother) go missing, and so Maximus and Pascal, both of whom are responsible for them, go off to find the rings, and (despite knowing they shouldn't leave the chapel in the middle of a wedding ceremony), Ally and Pluto leave to help retrieve the rings with Roger as backup. Will they retrieve the rings before the ceremony concludes or will the ceremony conclude before they retrieve the rings? Find out by watching.


Uncle Gizmo, Pappy Polie, McKenzie Fox, Mary Contrary, Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit Guest Star in This Short Film.

Despite this being part of the Sora's Adventures series, actually, Sora and the gang appear as minor characters, and so does Mickey Mouse while Pluto, Roger Rabbit and Ally Dawson get more focus. So technically, it's more like a Austin and Ally-Style Episode on Disney Channel.

This Story Takes Place after Sora Gets Tangled, Sora Gets Tangled Before Ever After, and Sora Gets Tangled: The Series.

Due to This is Past Adventure, Archimedes is Absent

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