Sora Meets Balto is another Kingdom Hearts crossover film planned to be Made by TheAngryPepe. It Will be Aired on Google Drive in a Near Future.


Sora and the Gang have traveled to Alaska and met Balto, a wolf/dog. Here they also met Jenna, a gorgeous red husky, whom Balto falls in love with, a goose named Boris, and polars bears named Muk and Luk. Together, they must brave the cold, freezing Alaskan wilderness to save a city from certain death and become the heroes of the state of Alaska.


McKenzie Fox, Mary Contrary, Uncle Gizmo, Pappy Polie, Mumfie, Scarecrow, Pinkey, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Roger Rabbit, Avery Jennings, Stan the Dog, Lindy and Logan Watson, Delia Delfano, Jasmine Khang, Garrett Spenger, Charlie Barkin and Itchy Itchiford will be Good Guest Stars.

Pete, Killer, Carface, Nora Dershilt, Constantine the Frog, The Sectary of Night, Mother Gothel, Evil Selly and Prince John will team up with Steele in this film.

Both Pete and Steele were voiced by Jim Cummings.

Both A Goofy Movie and Balto were released in theaters in 1995.

This film will be dedicated in memory of Bob Hoskins (the original voice of Boris) who died from pneumonia on April 29, 2014 and James Horner (the composer of the real film) who died in a plane crash on June 23, 2015.

Like in Winnie the Pooh Meets Balto (in which Christopher Robin had a fever), Liv Rooney will get a fever in this film.

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