Sora Meets Goliath II is another Sora's Adventure Short Film, Which Will Be Made by TheAngryPepe. It will appear on Youtube in the near future.


The short film is about Goliath II, who is a tiny elephant no bigger than his father, Goliath I's, toenail. In contrast, Goliath I is the biggest elephant in all the jungle. He's not satisfied with his son because Goliath II is small. However, Goliath II's mother loves him very much. She also protects him from many dangers like Raja, the crafty tiger who has always wanted to taste an elephant, a crocodile and being stepped on.

One day, while marching through the jungle, Goliath II gets lost following a snail. As Goliath II's mother looks for him, Raja does too. She finds Goliath II stuck in a small hole. As Raja is about to grab ahold of him, Goliath's mother sucks him with her trunk and saves him. He is then put in a tree for punishment.

Goliath II doesn't like this treatment, so that night, he sneaks away, vowing to never return. As he walks on a plant, it tickles Raja awake. As Raja grabs him, Goliath calls for his mother who comes to the rescue. She grabs Raja by the tail and flings him into the crocodile, never to be seen again.

In the morning, Goliath is spanked by his mother and is deemed a rogue, as an elephant who deserts the herd is considered one. As the other elephants march, they run in terror when they cross paths with a mouse. The elephants all hide in a lake as the mouse laughs at them. Then he sees Goliath looking at him. Goliath II is not scared of the mouse as they are the same size. The mouse gives Goliath II three seconds to run away. Since he doesn't, they tussle, with Goliath II coming out on top. He holds the mouse by the tail over a ledge, slowly loosening his grip to feed him to the crocodile. The mouse then tells Goliath II that he's the champ, in which he accepts.

Following the mouse's defeat, the elephants march with Goliath II on his father's head, being shaded. He is now the most important elephant in the herd.


Jiminy Cricket, The Vultures (Ziggy, Buzzie, Flaps and Dizzy), Zazu, McKenzie Fox, C-3PO and R2-D2 will Guest Stars in This Short Film.

This film will be dedicated to the loving memory of Kevin Corcoran.

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