This is the story of "Sora Meets Robin Hood". You can read along with me in your book. You will know when it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this. (Chimes ring) Let's begin now.

Long ago, England was ruled by the wicked, greedy Prince John. He ordered the Sheriff of Nottingham to tax the people so heavily that some were some were forced to become outlaws. Two of the most famous outlaws were Robin Hood and Little John, who would steal the tax money from the Sheriff and give it back to the poor.

(chimes ring, turn page)

One day, Sora and his friends have entered Sherwood Forest and met Robin Hood and Little John and also on that day, Prince John was traveling by coach to Nottingham to pick up more tax money. He was so busy counting his gold that he didn't notice he was passing through Sherwood Forest --- the home of Robin Hood and Little John. Nor did he see Little John, Robin Hood, Sora and the others watching from the tree. "Look at all that gold. Hey! Little John, let's pay Prince John a little visit! What do you say, Pooh? We could use some helping hands." "Good Idea." Said Austin. In his coach, Prince John was talking to his counselor, Sir Hiss, about his favorite subject. "Gold... beautiful gold! Life has been so wonderful since King Richard left for the Crusades. He treated the people too nicely, and he missed out on all this lovely gold. How I love gold!"

(chimes ring, turn page)

Robin Hood and Little John were standing by the roadside disguised as lady fortune-tellers when the coach passed by. "Care to have your fortune told, Your Majesty?" "Fortune-tellers! How droll! Stop the coach!" While Robin Hood told Prince John's fortune, he slipped the royal rings off his fingers, and Little John and Sora and the others helped themselves to the prince's gold. Prince John never even knew he had been robbed untill Robin, Little John, and Sora and the others had escaped.

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