Sora Says That Darn Cat is an all-new upcoming motion picture by TheAngryPepe. It Will appear on Google Drive in Near Future.


Sora and the Gang including Their Friends meets "That Darn Cat" or "D.C." that is a wily, adventurous Siamese tomcat who lives with two young women, suburbanite sisters Ingrid and Patti Randall, whose parents are traveling abroad at the time of the story. One night, while making his rounds around town, teasing Blitzy the Bulldog as usual, D.C. follows Iggy, a bank robber, to an apartment where he and his partner Dan are holding bank employee Margaret Miller  hostage, calling her "Moms" in the process. The robbers and Sora's Enemies let the cat in and feed him. When Margaret is alone for a moment, she scratches "help" into the wristband of her watch, places it around the cat's neck, and releases him into the outdoors. At home, Patti discovers the watch and calls the FBI. Supervisor Newton assigns Zeke Kelso to follow D.C. in hopes he will lead them back to the robbers' hideout. Kelso sets up a headquarters in the Randalls' house and assigns a team to keep the cat under surveillance, but DC manages to elude them. Eventually a bugging device is implanted in DC's collar and the cat leads Zeke into a comical chase at a drive-in movie and several backyards. Eventually, Patti and Zeke rescue Margaret and bring the robbers to justice. A subplot involves a romance between Patti's sister Ingrid and Gregory Benson, Blitzy's master. Cast includes Elsa Lanchester and William Demarest as nosey neighbors, the MacDougalls; Ed Wynn as Mr. Hofstedder, Richard Deacon as a drive-in theater manager, Liam Sullivan as Graham, Iris Adrian as the landlady, and Tom Lowell as Patti's boyfriend Canoe Henderson.


This will be Original 1965 Version, Not the 1997 Remake Version.

The Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Zazu, Roger Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Uncle Gizmo, Pappy Polie, Rapunzel, Elsa the Snow Queen, C-3PO, R2-D2, Iago and Genie will be Good Guest Stars.

Pete, Constantine, Hans, The Grand Duke of Owls, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, The Crime Empire, Nora Dershlit and Her Parents and Dr. Facilier will be Working for Dan and Iggy.

Kingdom Hearts, Rolie Polie Olie, Darkwing Duck, Liv and Maddie, Austin and Ally, Pinocchio, Teen Beach Movie, The Princess and the Frog, The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Tangled, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Frozen, Song of the South, The Sword in the Stone, The Lion King and That Darn Cat were Made by Disney.

This film will be dedicated in memory of Dean Jones.

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