Sora in Animagique was a Sora's Adventure Movie that Made by TheAngryPepe. It was Originally Released on Youtube in 4-29-11, But it will be Remade for Google Drive in a Near Future.


At the Walt Disney Studios, Sora and Friends are Getting Ready for a Event. Except for Donald Duck. Now he's Feeling Bored and Have Nothing to Do. But Donald decided to go to the Prop Room Basement with His Team Members, but accidently the films are back to life into an utter chaos, but soon our heroes encounter scenes from some of Sora's past adventures like Sora Meets Dumbo, Sora's Adventures of The Jungle Book, Sora's Adventures of The Little Mermaid and Austin & Ally's Adventures of The Lion King.


This is the first Kingdom Hearts/Disney parks film to be remade. (Along with the Remake Disneyland Version of Sora in Fantasmic!)

This Current Version of Sora's Adventure Classic will be a Present Day Version, Not the Original 2011 Version. (Due to the Last Part of Sora in Anmagique was Lost and Never Found. Plus, Since 2014, The Suite Life Characters No Longer Appears on Any Sora Adventure Franchises)

Jiminy Cricket, The Vultures, Zazu, Uncle Gizmo, Pappy Polie, Pollie Pi, McKenzie Fox and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will Guest Star in This Remake. (Due to the Original Version that It Did Not Have Any Guest Stars)

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