Sora in Fantasmic!: The Movie is a Sora's Adventure Crossover Made by TheAngryPepe that Will Appears on Google Drive  in the near future.


Sora, Donald, Goofy, Austin, Ally, Olie and and the rest are ready to experience Mickey's dream full of adventure and fun.

The show starts with Mickey appearing onstage starting his show by conducting the fountains and shooting fireworks from his pointer fingers. Next, he changes his regular outfit to his sorcerer outfit and shows amazing moments from various Disney films, and then he conducts the stars, and later, the brooms which make Mickey's spot overflowing. But the scene changes into stars morphing into flowers.

Our heroes head to a jungle where there are lots of beautiful plants and animals, and then Our Heroes dance to the jungle signature songs with the animals and the rest respectively. Next, Rafiki climbs to the Pride Rock while the song "Circle of Life" plays.  But when Rafiki means to raise a baby cub, Stitch appears instead, and then Stitch plays the "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" while Angel rides his spaceship. Then the Pink Elephants march by scaring our heroes. Then, Pinocchio dances with the marionettes and Jiminy Cricket and the rest get lost calling for Pinocchio's help. Then Pinocchio arrives after them. Then, Monstro swims by and tries to attack our heroes. Soon, Mickey appears calling for help while a whirlpool sucks him.  When Prince Eric's ship finishes crossing the sea and disappears, all is quiet and pitch-black until The Gang Were Together Again and discovers Captain Hook and his pirate crew waiting to capture them. When our heroes come to, they discover that Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys are captured alongside them. As it turns out, Hook is trying once more to recruit our heroes and the children to his crew.  A concussion cannon is then suddenly fired from the pirate ship. Hook, Smee, Peter Pan, Wendy, and pirates participate in a stunt sequence as the ship makes its pass. Following the ship is an articulated crocodile barge, with the sound of a ticking clock emanating from its tail. When the battle ends with Hook's defeat at the hands of Peter Pan, 

Then the princesses dance to their respective signature songs.

Then, the Queen appears asking to the mirror to find out what is happening in Mickey's imagination, and when the mirror replies, the Queen turns into a witch and leads the other villains who are Pete, Ursula, Cruella De Vil, Dr. Facilier, The Grand Duke of Owls, Dr. Funsion, Oogie Boogie and the Other Villians.

Then Maleficent turns into a dragon, Jafar turns into a genie, Ursula and the Grand Duke of Owls turn big, and the rest stay the same. Mickey defeats the villains with the rest.

After that, Mickey asks Tinker Bell and her fairy friends to make a finale, and the whole gang along with the other characters dance. Then, Mickey as a sorcerer conducts fireworks, and then changes into his regular outfit and says "Some imagination, huh? Haha!" Then he disappears in a zap.


The Film Will Be Inspired by DisneyDaniel93's and BowserMovies1989's Versions of Fantasmic. Also  The Film Will Uses California, Florida and Japan Mash Up Versions.

Good Characters Like Mary Contarty,  Zazu, Kronk, Zhane, McKenzie Fox, Pollie Pi, Pappy Polie, Uncle Gizmo, Louis the Alllgator, Jack Skellington, Mumfie, Scarecrow and Pinkey will Guest Star.

Bad Characters Like Pete, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Funsion, Arthur and Cecil, Rita, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Winterbolt, Judge Doom and Chelsea Barnes will Guest Star.

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