This is how Soundwave and Ravage capture Applejack goes in More Than Meets The Eye Part 2.

[Applejack is bucking apples when Ravage appears]

Applejack: What in tarnation?!

[Ravage growls]

[Soundwave checks the magic scale]

Soundwave: Ravage, bring in the Equine. Megatron must see what she can do.

[Ravage lunges]

[At the Deception base, Ravage and Soundwave bring Applejack to Megatron]

Megatron: Ah, Applejack. Wielder of the Element of Honesty I presume.

Applejack: Oh, what's it to you, big metal creep.

Megatron: My planet has gained much knowledge of your world. Our planet is dying and we need a new source of energy to keep it running.

Applejack: And what could be so important that you had to come here to find it?

Megatron: [picks up Applejack by her tail] Your magic is just what we need to fuel our planet to keep it from dying.

Applejack: Let go of me, you big tin can!

Megatron: I will once you show us how to enhance your magic.

Applejack: In your dreams.

Megatron: It was a dream but now it's coming true.

Applejack: Just wait to the other element bearers get here, then you'll be sorry.

Megatron: Soundwave, study this Earth Pony. [hands Applejack to Soundwave]

Soundwave: Yes, Lord Megatron.

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