This is how Soundwave reports to Starscream goes in Darkness Rising Part 1.

[Soundwave walks up behind Starscream]

Starscream: Soundwave, what is it?

Soundwave: (with Arcee's voice) Like Equestria's a party. We're alone wherever we travel on this dirt, Cliff.

Starscream: Ah, the one called Arcee. Why trap just one Autobot when we can still surprise them all.

Vehicon: [from behind him] Uh, Commander Starscream, sir.

Starscream: What is it?

Vehicon: You might wanna see this. [projects a map of Canterlot]

[The map shows an Autobot life signal come online]

Starscream: There is only one Autobot that can mask his signal. Track down Major Malfunction, and terminate him.

Vehicon: Yes sir.

[The Vehicon walks off]

Soundwave: (with unknown voice) You know Malfunction is a foe to be reckoned with.

[Starscream is clearly annoyed by this]

Starscream: Malfunction, like all Autobots, will be destroyed.

[As if to confirm Soundwave's warning, multiple signals that are all Malfunction appear on the screen]

Soundwave: (with unknown voice) The old decoy trick. Malfunction's strongest point is his ability to hack into databases.

[Starscream yells in rage]

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