This is how Soundwave reports to Starscream and Hardshell goes in Sparkling Problems.

[Soundwave enters the room where Starscream is with Hardshell]

Starscream: Soundwave, what is it?

Hardshell: He has some critical information, my liege.

[Soundwave plays a recording of Starlight's voice]

Soundwave: (with Starlight Glimmer's voice) Who knows what Starscream's done to the Autobots by now? We have to save them.

Starscream: Ah, Princess Twilight Sparkle's student.

Hardshell: I was thinking, my lord, why just capture the Autobots when we can still surprise the ponies?

Starscream: Good idea, Hardshell. [to Soundwave] Soundwave, increase the security. We are going to have un-invited company.

[Soundwave nods]

Hardshell: Shall I provide back-up?

Starscream: Yes.


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