Kaufman: What?

Duncan (Doki): The laser's been fired. At that Phantom Virus, I hope.

Rico: I don't think so. Look here.

They saw them on the Monitor

Rico: Our friends have been transported into cyberspace!

Wembly: So? Throw a switch or something and get them out.

Eric: The game doesn't work that way. They have to play through all the levels to get out.

Wembly: It can't be.

Kaufman I wish he was.

Bill: Until they can get out by winning every level of the game ... the danger is very real.

Wembly: Danger?


Fico is hoping around

Fico: Check this out. I'm, like, a superhero!

Mundi: Be careful, Fico.

Doki: There's less gravity on the moon.

Then Fico lift the Rock

Fico: Lookok! It's SupeFico!

Gabi: Otto, could you get Shaggy back here before he hurts himself?

Otto: Fine.

He's going to catch him

Then he

Fico: Nice try Otto, Catch catch me if you​ can!

Then he got hit by a rock

Anabelle: Fico, are you all right?

Fico: I think so.

Chopper: But I made an important discovery.

Usopp: What's that?

Chopper: In this video game, you can get hurt.

Robin: Or worse. We'd better be careful.

Ryan: And if we got to avoid getting hit.

Luffy: Robin's right. Eric said this game has creatures and who knows what else.

Cody: Oh boy! I know who!

They saw the Phantom Virus

Ryan: Oh, no!

Gwen: He must've gotten beamed into the game too.

Duncan: Yikes! Help!

Courtney: Oh, no! He's not alone.

They saw some Henchmen

Virus: Let's play ball!

Fry: Like, let's not!

They run away from them

Nami: I thought we were chasing him.

Sanji: Back at the lab, we were.

Brook: But here in the game, he's got friends.

Amy: They don't look very friendly to me.

They got away from them

Sora: I think we lost them.

Sci-Ryan: You know, getting beamed into cyberspace might not be such a bad thing.

Franky: And how's that, Sci-Ryan?

Bender: Yeah!

Sci-Ryan: Maybe if we play along, we can find out who created this virus.

Zoro: Right! Maybe we can find some clues.

Luffy: Remember what Eric said? We need to find the box of Scooby Snacks.

Hermes: And, there it is!

They saw it over there

Leela: Wow, that was easy.

Owen: It's only the first level of the game. It's supposed to be easy.

Trent: Over there!

They saw them coming

Noah: Oh, no! Here they come!

Owen: Look, a rover!

All: Huh?

They saw it

Sci-Ryan: Let me drive it!

Ryan: A moon rover!

Cody: And what a cool paint job!

Duncan: Come on, guys!


Duncan: This thing needs new shocks!

Courtney: As long as it gets us away from those moon goons, who cares?

Ryan: Oh, no! They've got a set of wheels too!

They saw them chasing them

Mike: Step on it, Duncan! They're gaining on us!

Duncan: I am, but this is as fast as it goes.

Then he blasted their vehicles

Sci- Ryan: Man, he got us!

Sora It's okay, guys.The Scooby Snacks are right there.

Owen: Oh, boy! Scooby Snacks!

He's going to get it

Zoey: Go, Owen, go!

Owen: Yikes!

He saw the Virus chasing him

Virus: Stop that Fatboy!

Mike: Come on, Owen! You can do it, pal!

Gwen: Watch out!

He dodge those goons and he got the Scooby Snack and it disappears with him

Ryan: What happened to...?

They disappeared too

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