This is how Space Song puts the Rainbooms under his spell goes in Battle of the Bands Restart.

[Rarity and Crash run]

Crash Bandicoot: We've gotta hurry, Human Rarity.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope the other girls are okay.

Mike: Don't worry, I'm sure they're fine.

Evil Ryan: I'll use these. [pust the geodes on his necklace]

[Evil Ryan transforms into

[Space Song peers round the corner]

Space Song: Time for those Rainbooms to see what happens when you mess with Sirens.

[Space Song goes up to them]

Twilight Sparkle: What do you want?

Space Song: Just to sing a little song to you all. [vocalizes]

[Space Song uses his magic to put the Rainbooms under his spell]

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