Space Tugboats is a new movie. 


Theodore and friends get an unexpected ride into space where they meet Nautilus, a navy ship living in space and have an fun-filled Out-Of-This-World adventure.


Star-gazing/The field trip

The film starts with George the tugboat and his owner Human Rainbow Dash looking at the moon and stars at night. A shooting star passes and that's when Human Rainbow Dash makes a wish to touch the moon. When her mom calls Human Rainbow Dash to bed, George is still making his wish and says, when Human Rainbow Dash is asleep, that he wishes that all her dreams come true and continues looking at the sky. The next day, Human Rainbow Dash's school, Canterlot High, is going on a field trip to see a spaceship launch but sadly, she can't bring George with her. So George secretly escapes to meet up with the other tugboats; Foduck, Emily, Hank and Theodore and invites them to join his spectatorship of the test launch. They hide at the back of the CHS school bus as it drives towards Vision Enterprises, where the launch of the ship is supposed to take place. On a tour with Dr. Finkel, students see an automatic outfitter that Human Rainbow Dash almost uses. The tugs, not too far behind, find the machine themselves and use it to equip suits before deciding to view the interior of the Vision 1 outside. At the Vision Enterprises' control center, "Mission Control", Pi confirms the ship is now prepared to launch. The tugs conveniently place themselves in the seats when they become sealed in.

Journey to space/Meet Nautilus

Astro, the remote pilot, activates the shuttle, and the Vision 1 propels into the outer atmosphere. The tugs find

Tour of the space station/The tugs and Nautilus escape


  • This film is based on Space Buddies.


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