Gloria "Sparrow" Daavil is one of Tara Duncan friends and a member of the Alpha team. She is voiced by Kelly Metzger.


Sparrow is a 17-year old girl who is a spellbinder and defeats evil with Tara and Cal. She and her family have the characteristic exclusive to come down from Beauty and the Beast; she has inherited the curse of the beast and can turn into a beast at will. However, with the curse, whenever she is afraid or angry she will inadvertantly transform into the beast.

She also runs and owns a pet shop , as it is her excuse for staying in Rosemond to the nonspells.

When Sparrow casts spells, her color is pink.


Sparrow is shy, smart,and a friendly person.She is sensible and reasonable. At times, she can be very prideful of her intelligence, though. Sparrow easily gets very upset or anxious, which turns her into beast form.


Sparrow wear a red beret and she has brown wavy hair.She wears a pink shirt with buttons on it and has brown shorts with a very light purple on bottom.She has boots that are brown with lighter brown socks under them. She wears a yellow and pomegranate necklace which is her Familiar. She has her crystal on her wrist which helps her during missions.