Here is how Nighlock, War Machine, and Vision speak with Thomas, Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence in Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, Brian Griffin, and Weekenders Adventures of Civil War.

(we see the team having tea)

Twilight Sparkle: This is the best day ever. Nothing could possibly spoil it.

Thomas: You said it.

Gordon: Hear hear.

(suddenly, a guard comes in)

Princess Luna: Is there a problem?

Guard: Your majesties, the superheroes Nighlock, War Machine, and Vision wish to speak with Thomas, Twilight, and you three.

Applejack: What the hay do they want?

Guard: They wouldn't say. They said that information is for their ears only.

Princess Celestia: Everyone except Thomas, Twilight, Luna, and Cadence clear out.

(everyone clears out except for Thomas, Twilight, Luna, and Cadence)

Nighlock, War Machine, and Vision:(enters)

Vision: Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, and princesses.(in Thaddeus Ross' voice) You've operated with unlimited power and no supervision.(normal voice) That's something America can no longer tolerate.

Princess Celestia: What is the meaning of this. You dare tell us how to rule. How to use our power?!

Nighlock:(presses a button that projects something on the wall) If you'll please.

(they look at the projection)

TV Announcer: We now return to our special LIVE episode of the New Warriors. Coming to you live from Stamford, Connecticut. Where the Warriors have just been spotted by their super-villains quarry. Looks like it's on.

Speedball: I've got Coldheart you guys! Hey, somebody snag Nitro, he's rabbiting!

Namorita: Don't worry Speedball, I'm on him.

(we see Nitro running)

Namorita:(slams him into a school bus) On your feet Nitro. And don't bother trying one of your stupid exploding tricks.

Nitro:Oh, baby, don't you even know?(chuckles) You're playing with the big boys now...(eyes glow and he explodes)

(the screen cuts off and ends the projection)

War Machine: 600 people died that day, including women and children.

Nighlock: But we have a solution.(pulls out some papers and gives them to Twilight) The Superhuman Registration Act.

Vision: Our strength invites challenge... challenge incites conflict... conflict leads to catastrophe... Oversight. Oversight is the only solution.

Twilight Sparkle: When do we sign?

Nighlock:(takes back the papers) The Act kicks in at midnight tomorrow. I'll be back by then.

(they leave)

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