Speed Demon

Speed Demon in the flesh

Speed Demon is Stitch's demonic doppleganger inside of him, and he is the failed prototype body of Experiment 626, created by Jumba Jookiba. He was a deadly enemy to Team Elite.

Role of the series

Before the events of Courage and Friends meets Lilo and Stitch, Jumba was struggling to create a body type for Stitch, the process is slow for forming a body so a malfunction program activate a prototype body, and starts to mutate into a demonic monster, as he was about to destroy him after blaming him as a failed experiment, he trapped him into the power wires before he could complete him. As Stitch was created, although he didn't notice Speed Demon is entering his body. Despite he was arrested, Speed Demon could control Stitch's body by doing things to destroy. During his escape, he entered Earth at Hawaii as he was attending his pride the truck ran onto him making him out of conscious. As Speed Demon woke from his unconscious ram, he was still sensing him arriving the planet by taking under identity as Stitch living with Lilo and Nani as he was still controlling him.

After Stitch learns was Ohana was really like, Speed Demon looses control of Stitch with a defeat of positive thoughts. But some day, he will getting his revenge by taking control of him again. As Stitch was struggling a glitch caused by Speed Demon's powers, the concenquences between his ohana and the others but he is too strong against him. The ship crashes and Stitch looses his strength, Speed Demon wanted freedom inside his body as he dies. The Team Elite fights against Speed Demon, but he is much stronger to fight our heroes. As they tell them that he will meet again someday.

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