Speedy McAllister
Speedy McAllister
also known as Speefy, is a large and fast steam locomotive. He was first mentioned by Old Puffer Pete in Season 1 but made his visual appearance in Season 2


Speedy McAllistair is an old red-violent steam locomotive who comes across being somewhat gruff and blunt in character, but means well and is helpful to experienced chuggers and trainees alike. He prefers more industrial jobs as opposed to those with a high degree of customer relations. Speedy McAllistair likes to take his time and never likes to rush. He is old, wise, and will often take time to think. He prefers doing jobs where there is peace and quiet.


Speedy McAllistair is based on a the CNW Class E-4 locomotive, except Speedy doesn't have a tender and has a visible funnel. When he collects coal it is deposited through an opening in his roof behind his firebox and water is stored centrally in a tank, much like Olwin.


  • Speedy is best friends with Murdoch

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