This is the scene for when Megatrain and Spencer make their deal in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

Spencer: The sooner I find Tirek, the better.

????: PSST! Hey you!

Spencer: Who's there?!

???: Come over here, to the rock.

Spencer: Are you a rock?

???: No, I'm deep underground in a prison. I don't know how I will be able to get out of here, but I think I can work something out with you.

Spencer: Really? Who are you?

???: That's classified. But anyway, I can make a deal with you.

Spencer: A deal with what?

???: To put it simple, if you join me, we can both rule the world!

Spencer: Rule the world?

???: Yes!

Spencer: [thinks for a moment] [in his mind] "If I were to rule the world I could be more famous than Gordon and J.J.!" Okay, you got yourself a deal!

???: Good! Now here's the thing. [the mysterious figure tells spencer his plan, as the camera zooms out and goes to a different place]

Spencer: Good!

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