Spencer Wright is an aspiring filmmaker and one of the main characters in the show "Dude That's My Ghost". When he isn't busy making flicks centered around gruesome zombies, he usually pals around with his ghostly best friend, Billy Joe Cobra, at places like the Cobra Mansion or the WiFri.

Episode 1 - Picture 048

He is one of the few people who can see Billy, due to the guitar pick necklace that he wears.


Spencer is at the very least, considered average-looking. He is by no means unattractive, as a Billy Joe Cobra relative. This seems to have little bearing on the way he is perceived by the rest of the his schoolmates, however.

Since he's an average kid who was never excessively pampered like most Beverly Heights kids, he is a reasonable person. Most of the time, he does whatever he can to help out Billy, and generally doesn't ask for many favors from Rajeev or Shanilla. He doesn't get insane unless someone criticizes his films, mistreats/criticizes Billy, or mistreats his family.

He is still a teenager, though. He gets greedy over the prospect of earning money very easily, and when under some circumstances, he tends to think about benefiting himself more readily than he thinks about benefiting others. Not to mention, he was completely fine with Billy throwing Rajeev out of his house for the sake of "bro time", and was also more than happy to trick Billy into doing his homework after Billy decided to be arrogant and put Spencer down.

To his credit, Spencer seems to have a decent sense of right and wrong that many characters in the show seem to lack. He'll usually do what's best and figure a way to solve his buds' problems. Unfortunately for him, Billy can occasionally talk him out of listening to his moral compass.