This is how Spencer and Ryan on Cybertron and Meeting Quintessa goes in My Little Pony: Megatronus' Revenge.

[On Cybertron. Ryan and Spencer looks around]

Ryan F-Freeman: Prime's world.

Spencer: What did happen to this world? And will Twilight be ok?

Unknown voice: Twilight Sparkle is in trouble.

[Ryan and Spencer walks to see Quintessa]

Quintessa: I've been waiting for you, Ryan. Come meet your friend's maker.

Ryan F-Freeman: You are Optimus' creator?

Spencer: Who are you? I am Spencer the Streamlined Engine.

Quintessa: I am Quintessa. The Prime of Life.

Ryan F-Freeman: You still know me. Quintessa Prime. I don't know what ever to kiss you or kill you.

[Quintessa zaps Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: YIOUCH!!!

Spencer: Ryan! Are you ok?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. She didn't know me since the last time we met.

Quintessa: You remembered since our last encounter. Megatronus' war doomed Cybertron.

Ryan F-Freeman: Megatron and Ryvine started the war.

Spencer: Miss? Do you know someone called Megatronus?

Quintessa: So, the Fallen did start the war on Cybertron.

Spencer: Wait. He is now called the Fallen.

Ryan F-Freeman: Primus told me about him. And so does Solus Prime.

Quintessa: You met another Prime?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes.

Alvin: [muffled] Let me out! I need air.

[Alvin pops out of Ryan's pocket of his Sora outfit]

Alvin: Wow. You know Megatronus?

Ryan F-Freeman: And we could find the Dark Spark.

Alvin: You know Ryan, Quintessa?

Quintessa: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Long ago, the Primes made a machine to fill something with darkness. But, your brothers and sister are soft like me and afraid to fill anyone's hearts with darkness. Megatronus, now known as the Fallen was willing to do what he meant to do. But, the Primes betrayed him and hid the Dark Spark. If you help me find the Dark Spark and stop the Fallen, then you can give Alvin the powers of the dynasty. He too shall be a Prime like me.

Alvin: You mean it? Me and Twilight will be Primes as well.

Quintessa: Yes, chipmunk. [to Ryan] Do you seek redemption and save Twilight, Ryan? Do you?

Ryan F-Freeman: My friend and partner of Princess Ivy. I do.

Spencer: That's my friend.

Ryan F-Freeman: Remember you call me Ryantessa? He is a cool hero.

Alvin: Wait. Ryan was Ryantessa?

Spencer: I didn't know that.

Alvin: Well. Jetfire properly told us that. [to Ryan] I hope you know this Princess of Cyber-friendship is one of those unlikely allies.

Quintessa: It is time you know the truth. The evil Prime named Megatronus, is joined with Ryvine's mentor. Unicron.

Ryan F-Freeman: Megatronus? Joined Unicron? My mentor's nemesis?

Quintessa: Yes. You're going to kill him.

Alvin: Maybe with the magic of friendship, we will put an end to the Fallen. [starts writing on a list] That was a good idea.

Spencer: You know, Miss Quintessa ma'am. When Ryan defeats the Fallen, does that mean Twilight will be safe?

Quintessa: Yes, Spencer.

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