Here's how Spencer helps the others in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

Twilight: [crying]

Princess Celestia: [has her student in a hug]

Twilight: I can't believe it! Thomas is gone, Spencer's gone bad. Now the world's doomed! [resumes crying]

Princess Celestia: I know, we must stop him ourselves!

Steam Mech: [knocks on Celestia's head gently] Hello! Is anyone home?! Only a Train-Prime can Defeat Megatrain!

Peter: We have to try!

Steam Mech: We can't, did you hear what I said!?

[The 2 then bicker about the situation, and Brian gets tired of it]

Brian: Alright, SHUT UP, ALL OF YA!

[The 2 stop]

Brian: SHUT UP!!!!

Ernie: Face it. It's over.

Brian: It isn't over.

Ernie: It is Snoopy.

Brian: My name's not......... [his eyes turn red (similar to Sith eyes)] [voice gets deeper] SNOOPY!!!! [deploys his lightsaber]

Ernie: [activates both of his and blocks the attack]

[The 2 clash with their swords in different angles]

Ernie: You're being Darth Manscore again! You can be my apprentice, join me!

Brian: Never! I am a Jedi Master!

Ernie: So be it.

[they continue clashing their sabers]

[but then Ernie force pushes Brian to the ground]

Ernie: Now, it's your turn! [he lifts up his saber and is about to stab Brian but then 2 pink sabers block his]

Sylveon: No!

Brian: [his eyes return to normal] Sylveon?

Ernie: [stabs his leg]

Brian: RAH!

Ernie: [evil laughs]

Sylveon: You! YOU!! [she picks up a stick with her other 2 arms and then smacks Ernie with it]

Ernie; GRAH!

Sylveon: AAAH!!! [she then furiously swings her sabers at break neck speeds, as Ernie blocks her shots, but then she destroys one of his Lightsabers]

Ernie: AAH!

Sylveon: NOW YOU LISTEN, AND LISTEN HARD, YOU PSYCHO! YOU CAN DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO US: YOU CAN INSULT US, YOU CAN HARM THE PRINCESSES, AND YOU CAN PISTOL WHIP MY CHILDREN. BUT WHAT YOU WILL NOT DO, IS HARM MY BRIAN!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, ERNIE?! (Ernie is now afraid of Sylveon who nods his head) And now, your rein of terror upon us, comes to end now! (she then Force grabs Brian's Lightsaber and then Force Grabs Twilight's with other 2 arms and activates them) You want a duel?! I'll give you a real one! (she then starts spinning all four Lightsabers as she slowly walks towartds Ernie as the sabers then start scorching the ground with sparks and small bits of dirt flying, as Ernie is slowly back up as Sylveon is getting closer and closer)

(Simba vs Scar starts playing)

[Sylveon then swings all four lightsabers and clashes them with Ernie's at different angles at high speed as she slightly slashes Ernie's chest]

Ernie: OoH!

[Sylveon continues clashing all four sabers with Ernie's as they are slowly approaching a cliff]

Sylveon: We already lost Thomas, but we will not lose BRIAN!!

[she continues clashing all four sabers with Ernie's and then she cuts off Ernie's hand!]

Ernie: GRAAAAAAA!!!!!! [but then he starts to lose his balance at the very edge of the cliff]

Syvelon: AWAY WITH YOU!!! [does a Foirce repulse, which sends Ernie right over the cliff!]


Sylveon: [panting as she deactivates all four sabers]

Eeveelutions: Whoa ho, ho, ho.

Brian: [shocked by her moves] that.... was incredible!

Peter: You have one hot girlfriend.

Brian: I know.

Sylveon: You alright?

Brian: [gets back up] Yeah.

[they share a hug]

Sylveon: [in her mind] Hmm, I think I could make some good use of weilding four Lightsabers]

[Then they heard Spencer's whistle]

Spencer: Guys!

Princess Luna: Hmm?

Spencer: Guys!

Wreck-it Ralph: YOU!

Spencer: Hey, wait it's not what you think.

Brian: What the hell do you want? You have another evil insult to throw at us?

Spencer: Megatrain, tricked me! He lied to me about us being partners.

Fluttershy: So, Megatrain pulled a trick on you?

Spencer: Yes.

Twilight: [shedding tears] What does it matter now?! THOMAS IS GONE!!! AND THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN STOP MEGATRAIN!!

Brian: We're all out of ideas!

Spencer: Look I'm sorry!

[but he is lifted up by Brian]

Brian: [as Manny] No you're not! Not yet!

Spencer: Please, give me another chance.

Brian: You started this! And you must pay.

Sylveon: Brian! Brian, stop! Think about what you're doing!

Brian: That engine is a traitor! And now thanks to him. Thomas is gone!

Sylveon: Brian! This is not the Jedi way! If you strike down Spencer like this, you'll be lost to the Darkside!

Brian: [slowly realizes what he's doing] (in his mind) She's right. what am I doing? [he then slowly sets Spencer back down] (sighs) Thanks, Sylveon.

Sylveon: Not a problem. I don't wanna lost you.

Twilight: Yeah, but that isn't gonna bring back Thomas!

Spongebob: [looks in the crater] LOOK! HE'S SAFE!!

Twilight: No, Thomas is not safe Spongebob! HE'S GONE!!!!

SpongeBob: No, really guys, He's safe! He's safe! He's safe! Sa-a-a-fe!!!

Brian: Will you cut that out?!!

SpongeBob: [to a conga beat] Safe, safe, safe, safe! Safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe! [rips himself apart then the two parts go in circles and then they connect again. SpongeBob starts doing a conga dance] Safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe! Safe, yes he is safe!

Brian: Sponge, what the hell are you talking about?

SpongeBob: Look in the crater!

[everyone looks down in the crater]

Edd: No, it can't be!

[we view the inside of the crater and see Thomas is perfectly unharmed]

Thomas: Huh? [looks up]

Spongebob: Thomas is fine! [starts crying happily] He's safe! SAFE! [jumps down the crater only to hit something and bounce back]

Applejack: What in tarnation?

Brian: What the hell?

Thomas: I'm okay!

James: [stutters] HOW?!

Mucker: Wait a Minute. [drops a tiny stone and it bounces back]

Edd: The Matrix and the gems must've put a shield over Thomas before Tirek's blast hit him.

Sergeant Calhoun: D's, correct!


Thomas: [comes out of the crater]

Twilight: [kisses Thomas] You came back!

Thomas: I was never gone, I was in the crater the whole time. 

Spencer: I know where Megatrain's machine is!

Princess Celestia: You do?

Spencer: Yeah, it's inside the tallest mountain just beyond here!

Princess Luna: We must stop Megatrain!

Thomas: But I'm not a robot.

[then a beam comes down from the sky]

Eugene Krabs: Oh no, is there another evil guy comin'?

Brian: Hit the dirt!

[The beam hits]

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